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    India is a incredible country with different faith and religion. Though Hinduism is the most common followed religion other have equal rights and importance. India has many faith followers like Islam, Jainism and Buddhism, Christianity and Parsi. Apart from that India has 1650 languages - 30 of which are spoken by more than a million speakers and 122 of which are spoken by more than 10,000. There are 6 distinct language families that go beyond India. In contrast, 95% of Europe comes under a single language family. Most Indians might not know about the Austro-Asiatic Munda languages spoken in the heart of India more related to Vietnamese & Cambodian ( the Tibeto-Burman languages spoken in Ladakh, Sikkim and North east and that some Dravidian languages are spoken as far away as Baluchistan.

    India has 1200 million people. That is more than the combined population of US, Russia, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Japan, UK, Germany, Australia, Italy, Spain and New Zealand! In fact, India's population is larger than any other continent in the world, outside Asia.