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    No title · 4 months ago

    I like to answer this question because i started using cloud service by F(x) Data Cloudit self.

    These are the main advantages i got from the F(x) Data Cloud :

    • Definitely , the servers are at lower price than others
    • 24 *7 customer support
    • Easy upgradation to bigger plans
    • Easy to increase volume size by adding external disk
    • Free Public IP
    • Best for the beginner to starts with.
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      Thx ryanzane. Does they provide VPN?

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    No title · 4 months ago

    F(x) Data Cloud provides almost all services that the present conventional cloud company provides, albeit at very cheap rates.

    Following are the services which you could find on their website:

    1. https://fxdata.cloud/products2#iaas

    2. https://fxdata.cloud/products2#dbaas

    3. https://fxdata.cloud/products2#block

    4. https://fxdata.cloud/products2#object

    5. https://fxdata.cloud/products2#network

    6. https://fxdata.cloud/products2#backup

    As you could see they also provide VPN services. Check out for yourself.