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    Eric M. Van
    No title · 11 months ago

    1) Download Your Facebook Data

    You can download all of your Facebook activity with just one click. Posts, images, videos, chats and whatever else can be downloaded.

    Go to Settings > General, then click "Download a copy of your Facebook data" at the bottom.


    2) Facebook Notes

    Did you know that Facebook has a blogging feature? You can post your rich text posts and read your friend's posts.

    Visit https://facebook.com/notes


    3) Play Chess With Your Friends

    This is my fav. You can play chess with your friends just by texting.

    Open a conservation with your friend

    • Write @fbchess play and send the message
    • A chess board appears
    • Then move a piece by something like that @fbchess Pe4 (pawn to e4)
    • The board renews

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    Erling Harris
    No title · 11 months ago

    You can embed Facebook badges to your website. Four types of badges are available: profile badge, like badge, photo badge, page badge.

    See at https://www.facebook.com/badges


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    Noor Vaid
    Art student at IIA · 11 months ago

    Disable Auto-Play Videos

    Go Settings > Videos > Auto-Play Videos and disable it.