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    No title · 1 year ago

    Here are tons of obscure albums that worth to be listened. But here are my bests:

    1) The Viewing Point (2009), by The Future Kings of England

    A great album by new british band. It's one of the most underrated albums of the rock history for me.

    The masterpiece of the album is the fourth song: Time Flies Like An Arrow

    You must listen it.


    2) Solar Music Live Album (1978), by Grobschnitt

    I've shocked with the quality of the live performance while i'm listening it for the first time. It sounds both gloomy and bright.


    3) Escalator (1969), by Sam Gopal


    You know this guy? Ian Fraser (Lemmy) Kilmister, a heavy metal legend - Motörhead's founder, bass guitarist, vocalist and composer. Can you believe me if I say he is not a metal music fan since late-70's and also has performed great tranquil album named Escalator with Sam Gopal.

    Don't you believe me? Please listen the album, and especially this piece:

    Yesterlove https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1GIOhHgDScc