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    Mayman Bocorisvhili
    No title · 1 year ago

    You may be shocked with that there are thousands of alternative chess variants. Needless to say not all of them are playable, but some of them are really good. Here are my favs:

    1. Chess960 (Fischerandom Chess)

    Suggested by ex world champion Robert James "Bobby" Fischer. Starting position of the pieces is randomized except pawns. There are 960 possibility for the starting position, so it's named Chess960.


    2. Capablanca Chess

    It's suggested another ex world champion Jose Raul Capablanca. Capablanca had been thought the chess game is going to be played by rote day by day. So he suggested to extend the board by 2 columns and add two new pieces.

    Chancellor: Rook + Knight

    Archbishop: Bishop + Knight


    3. Sittuyin (Burmese chess)


    In sittuyin, only pawn structure is mandatory at the starting point. Other pieces are positioned by players whatever they like.