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Google app is a part and parcel of the Android device. This is why it is important to know that Android OS is a close feature of Google has developed Gmail account. As a result, the above-given first line comes true how Gmail account is indispensable. When it comes to the Android devices pride themselves on providing their customer with the best features possible which not only working online but also capable to use in offline mode on the android device all the time.

At the first, the time it is crucial to enter the correct email address and password of Gmail account that allows using the device properly and secures all over its data forever. Google assistance is a marvelous feature of Google apps which helps to fix your all over the problem in no time. It helps the user to give him the answer to asking questions.

If you are one of the users trying to access Google assistance but failed then this content is for you only help to access and use Google assistance in methodically. Follow the below steps:

Turn on your Android device and then click on the Google apps.

Enter the correct email address and password and then click on the sign in button.

Click on the settings and then click on the left menu button.

Select the voice settings and then click on the ok button for the Google detection.

You can set the Google assistance to access the Lock screen that shows every time while in lock mode.

Now you have accessed Google assistance from lock screen instantly. Notwithstanding, if there is any other issue and don’t know what to do then make a call at Google toll free number that is available at every single of time for the users.

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