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    Of course there is. Has to be some substratum of conscious intent , and implicit conviction behind so much damn experience. Billions centuries of years of collective experience. Why ?

    To pursue cell division and die in alzheimer's ? No.

    Whoever has made the universe has expected you to reach the implicit understanding that experience ( your life, relations, knowledge, sentiments, sensations... ) has exposed you to , and exposed to you. If you are one of those who believe that you are here by sheer luck and your entire family tree was an accident , the experiential universe you inhabit shall entertain your view. You have chosen to be the cat in the box, not the observer, and your experience is limited to wringing your hands in misery , or whistling in your graveyard until we open it. It' s like you were born in a maze, and must spend your youth solving it, then trudge a mostly straight path when you've found it. You have also found the exit of your choice. Or the slavery of 'non choice' , where others shall make you walk where they want , to vicariously solve the mazes and blink and recruit another when it's gone south for you.

    Those that hear an inner voice, have always been sicced upon by the masses, the slaves and their very few, hidden masters. Some, in opposing the slavery of untruth , find the real truth in bits and pieces and put it together enough to last their own lifetimes. Some even leave behind legacies of what they uncovered, which are subsequently usurped and hijacked by the slavers of attention and faith. These are manifest as religions and -isms that populate the consciousness of mankind , not to set right the equation of question=answer, but to motivate certain sections of ardent seekers and outright slaves , to... motivate further slaves. Ad infinitum . The holes in logic while explaining God, by coreligionist teachers, exist because basically the machine of feeding and seeing to their very human needs is institutionalized, and incorporated into the other giant system of controlling the future of human life. The State. I'm sure , this has got to be evidence of a capricious malevolence somewhere in the universe, if nothing else.

    What is most distressing about truth is, that it has no meaning or relevance without untruth. And without a genuine commitment to face it, truth is unpalatable, even destructive. The word apokalypsos is not juxtaposed with apokalypsis for nothing . Many facets of what's observed , and from many different agencies of observation came together to discover what is known today.

    We describe that as " what we know , and what we think."

    The truth cannot be arrived at if your destination in the journey is set to "convenient joyride through stop after stop of affirmation" , disregarding every opposing conjecture, every flight of rebellious experimentation, and every piece of reasoning from fellow human beings , not suffixed with Dr. and Prof. in their names, ( albeit sound, experiential, verifiable reasoning ).

    It may be , after all , that the entire approach of a certain -ism ( by this I mean technical and personality driven divisions in approach ) is incorrect to begin with , rendering it an obstruction to the grand pursuit. However, the gradual institutionalization of that idea into a paid and protected bureaucracy is bound to be defended vehemently by the many critters it is a shelter to. Any attempts by a newcomer to dislodge it shall be met with not just logical and intellectual reproach ( in an orderly way, singly, these may be parried too ) , but a barrage of coordinated assaults on the entire existence of the source, their evidence, their witnesses, until it is ground into obscurity. This, I call the " 2 steps ahead, 5 steps back in evolution and progress. "

    The background upon which truth is perceivable, thus becomes the quicksand for it to sink in. Leaving us a very short window to seize it and explore what it shows. Again , empowering the majority of slaves to hijack any part of it useful to them.

    In parting , I'd like to discredit myself solely for the pleasure of revealing where this view comes from , to any 'purely scientific mind', in case they derived anything good so far. Let me end with a statement from my Lord and Master.

    " ...Every one that is of the truth heareth my voice."