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Integrated Business Planning (IBP) is the business planning process that broadens the ideologies of S&OP all through the supply chain, product and customer portfolios, customer demand and strategic planning, to carry out one flawless management process.

Integrated Business Planning is industry's most excellent practice model. IBP is a common sense process for coordinating the company plans every month, which will assist the engineer to assign the critical resources like people, tools, inventory, supplies, time and money - to most efficiently please the company customers, in a beneficial and profitable way.


SAP IBP is a next-gen planning application, powered by SAP HANA that assists organizations employ stakeholders across the company in a accurately integrated planning process that coordinates their business to profitable solution. SAP IBP delivers a new pattern of user experience and competency, by providing real-time dashboards, progressive predictive analytics, interactive simulation, embedded social collaboration and Microsoft Excel-enabled planning tables.

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