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    Natural Volcanic Lava Luxury Gold Bracelet

    Mary Milson
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Volcanic lava stone beads are made up of basalt, which is a type of igneous rock formed through cooling and solidification of magma or lava. Beneath the surface of an active volcano, the temperature and the pressure are so high that it can melt even rocks. When a volcano explodes, it brings with it this liquid rock which gradually cools and solidifies into Volcanic lava stones.

Volcanic Lava stones are considered good for safety and protection as well as in getting connected to the mother earth. Lava also allows us to ‘root’ scattered energy and find focus and balance in life.

Volcanic Lava stones are also used as a folk remedy for infertility and poor libido. It has multiple benefits such as treatments for menstrual cramps, back pain, reducing stress, insomnia and eliminating toxins from the body.

Volcanic Lava is a stone of courage and gives people stability as they go through changes in their lives. Lava also helps to diminish the negative aspects of one’s character and allows us to see where modifications might be needed.

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