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    Kenya Business Visa,Tourist Visa

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About Us We are : SVS International is a private consultancy, registered under the India Law that is not affiliated to any Diplomatic missions, with branches based in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and New Delhi We do - Our Service : We are assisting to get Business visas and Tourist visas for employees of the corporations, largest tour operators and individual travelers. We are able to assist with travel visa requirements for more than 100 countries around the world.

Kenyan Business Visa for Indian Nationals?

Kenya Business Visas are furthermore definite for 6 months in the middle of a duration of 30 days for each greeting.

To apply for a single or mixture right to use matter visa, you must adjoin a Business letter written regarding speaking your companys stationary. It must be applied to the Embassy or Consulate of Kenya.

The letter should stick your notice, viewpoint in the company, natural world of matter to be conducted in Kenya, state and dwelling of right of access in Kenya, duration of stay and the number of entries requested.

It must moreover counsel that the company will be financially answerable for your lively expenses including roundtrip transportation. The letter should be signed by someone subsidiary than yourself.

Tourist visa kenya:

The Consulate of Kenya requires a visa application to be completed according to strict guidelines. Make certain your documentation is expertly prepared by making use of Document Preparation Service.

After placing your order, you will realize an Application Kit which includes an optional form where you can offer easily reached answers.

If you select this assign support to a Specialist will perform considering you to ensure the required documents are prepared according to running and consular requirements.

Once your application form is conclusive, we will reward it to you via a safe and cipher email for your signature, keeping your personal instruction safe.

Kenya visa regulations:

The Kenya Tourist visa form has to be completed by every one the applicants and the form has to be filled ably and deliberately. All the applications can be submitted by means of a latest electronic visa application system .

The Kenya visa application forms are absolutely set drifting of court case and can be downloaded from any authorized visa agents. For applying for Kenya Visa for Indians you can right of entry these agents during their vigorous hours.

For Kenya Visa you should have subsequently than documents unmodified.

The Kenya Visa Fees for each application is about speaking US$50.00 and is non refundable. For the payment you habit to send allocation orders or cashiers cheques. These should be directly payable to the Embassy of the Republic of Kenya . However cash or personal cheques will not be well-liked.

Generally the visa is processed in 20 to 25 active days, behind than the application is submitted by the cleverly-known visa agent. Do not adjoin weekends, daylight of agreement and national holidays. All tourists who are applying for Kenya visa must meet in the works the requirements when holding a conventional passport, taking place to normal funds for the era of hang practically in Kenya and ticket for the onward destination.

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