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    Emre Özdemir
    No title · 1 year ago

    No, of course not, but it can be and it's probably better than first release of Quora.

    Boardest has some features that Quora hasn't:

    • Boardest is not only a question/answer site, it's also a forum and social bookmarking network.
    • It's multilingual - English and Turkish are available languages for now but others will be added.

    Boardest is a brand new website and user contribution and qualified content are mandatory for its success.

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      Boeardest has a good design and it is easy to use. Some parts can be seen like Quora but boardest has more options. Clear website, no confusing details i like that.

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      This looks a lot like Quora minus the nazi moderators forcing people to use their real names and suspending them if they don't.

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    No title · 1 year ago

    Boardest is easier to navigate.

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      And has a great UI!