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    Indonesia Renewable Energy Project: Between Hope and Obstacles

    Randy Marudino
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Discussing about Indonesia's renewable energy project will always involve deep analysis about the aspects that can support and encourage it as well as the fact in real. Though Indonesia is a large country with large population, there are a plenty of remote islands and regions are still lack of electricity access. This is ironically remembering Indonesia has been reaching a good economic growth. It also has an aggressive goal to expand the renewable energy shares.

Some projects of sustainable energy for Indonesian remote area have been launched. It gave a lot of solutions for electricity issues in Indonesia. There are about six thousands inhabited islands became targets of these programs. Several innovative and sophisticated energy technologies and services from developed countries have been adopted to realize comprehensive programs of renewable energy Indonesia that reach all remote areas. Of course, this is not an easy and effortless goal.

There are at least there main obstacles in developing renewable energy in this country. The obstacles include technology, funding, and biomass availability. Anyhow, though this country should face these problems, the opportunity for renewable energy is really massive. Fossil energy sources can run out and some countries from all over the world have coincided to use renewable energy. These encourage Indonesia to “soar” and raise its renewable energy development and expansion.

Some potential Renewable Energy Resources in Indonesia include geothermal, solar and biomass. These resources are abundantly available. Actually, Indonesia has great potential renewable energy resources, especially the developing tech. Some technique to process resource has been mastered. The most common problem is a good will from all stakeholders, especially government. A commitment from government to keep developing Indonesia renewable energy project will lead this country to be a vanguard of resource conservation. Some further evaluations are needed to figure out the hardest obstacles and strategies to resolve them.


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