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    Improving the Protection of Data Center

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It is common knowledge that plenty of companies and institutions are relying on data center for their daily operational. Unfortunately, this facility is vulnerable to many things. Natural disaster such as hurricane and earthquake are able to destroy the server. Other than natural causes, the servers of this facility are also vulnerable to hacking. The last thing that might affect the facility is technical issues. Raising temperature due to the server operational might be able to cause damage to the hardware. In this case, proper protection is highly required. The protection should be focusing on keeping the server working properly so that it is able to do its job as intended.

There is nothing much can be done to prevent natural disaster. The best thing that can be done to protect data center is by building the facility on the safe place. Hurricane only occurs in specific region on particular months. The same goes for earthquake that only strikes along the edge of seismic continental plate. By selecting specific place for building this establishment, the structural damage caused by natural disaster can be reduced. The service provided by the facility is able to run continuously without any interruption.

In order to prevent data center from hacking, it is important to keep the servers of it inside firewall. Continuously monitoring the operational of each server is also necessary to find out if anomaly caused by hacking activity is happening. Other than such protection, keeping the temperature of server room at ideal level is also recommended. Make sure that the climate control of server room is connected to backup power supply. In the case of blackout, the power supply will keep the servers running all the time. Routine maintenance should also be performed. Proper maintenance is not only about keeping the server running but also controlling vulnerable structure of the server as well.

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