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Click on this link for get ICSE exam tips on how to do your ICSE Board Preparation from ICSE top rankers. Ananya Patwardhan.

Video Link - https://goo.gl/JDmGes

She gives her top 25 tips and tricks to crack the icse board exam and how to study for exams -

1. The Key is consistency, keeping abreast with the school and regularly studying for tests and exams

2. Begin Preparing early, Ananya shares her study tips for top students saying that she began her preparation in Std 9th itself

3.Work with the prescribed ICSE textbooks, if you are looking for the

best book for icse preparation, then work with the books prescribed by

the board, rarely do questions come from outside that book

4. Tips from ICSE top ranker - Scribble small notes in the margins

5. Be creative with your notes, you can use datelines and maps

6. Schedule your week, repeat each subject after 3-4 days

7. Study tips from a top student are to prepare each chapter multiple times and in multiple ways

8. Read large chapters in small chunks, take a break and then read another chunk

9. Do frequent revisions of each chapter

10. Exam preparation tips for students - Know how to write each type of answer

11. In a 3-4 mark question, write 3-4 keywords

12. Focus on your presentation
a. Ensure the paper is neat and legible
b. Draw small diagrams wherever necessary
c. Underline the keywords
d. Be precise

13. Study for 25-30 minutes and take a small break

14. Take frequent short breaks

15. Study the most difficult portions when you are most attentive

16. Solve papers after completing the portion

17. Study tips from ananya Patwardhan are to start solving practice papers in November

18. Solve the past 10 year icse board papers

19. ICSE preparation tips - In February, try solving the prelim papers of other schools

20. Tricks for ICSE - Practice writing

21. Cultivate a hobby

22. Stay off social media if possible

23. Take care of your sleep and nutrition

24. Power naps help

25. Meditation helps in managing stress

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