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    How To Set Up An Algo Trading Desk?


Setting up an Algo Trading Desk?

Here's all the information that you will need:

- In the Algo Trading module, participants are introduced to fundamentals and basic concepts of Statistics, Options & derivatives and financial markets

- Options pricing models and options Greeks and their applications

- Dispersion trading concepts, implementation and roadblocks

- Designing of risk management tool that shows sensitivity of options portfolio to different conditions, allowing the trader to modify his/her portfolio under different conditions

- Quantitative trading paradigms popular in algorithmic trading such as statistical arbitrage, market microstructure, trend following, momentum based, market making, machine learning etc

- Introduction to System Architecture and Execution Strategies for Algorithmic Trading, Basic programming in R, Python or Matlab to create technical indicators and backtesting models

- Using time series analysis for volatility estimation and prediction, creating models in R

- Using latest packages to code strategies in different programming languages

- Infrastructure, capital and business and regulatory requirements for setting up an algorithmic trading desk

Source: https://www.quantinsti.com/blog/can-mba-finance-be...

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