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    Kent Baldree
    No title · 16 days ago

    Not all sewing machines are designed the same, therefore, threading one sewing machine will be slightly different on another one. I would read the manual that came along with your specific machine to see how to thread it. If you do not have a manual, search for the sewing machine brand and model and add “manual” at the end. You should find one for your machine online.

    If you do not have sewing machine yet and are trying to understand more about how to thread a sewing machine, here are some steps commonly used with different machines:

    • Disengage sewing machine needle
    • Take out the bobbin
    • Wind some thread around your bobbin and put your thread on the bobbin pin
    • Starting winding your thread to fill up your bobbin with thread
    • Pull the thread from the bobbin
    • Turn the wheel of your machine – if done correctly, the needle should pick up the thread on the top
    • If your needle pulls up the thread, then pull your thread a little away from you
    • Make sure everything is in place and pull your other thread through the needle
    • Pull that thread away from you as well
    • Now put your fabric under the foot and drop the foot to keep your fabric in place and start sewing!

    If threading is too difficult and tedious for you, there are some great automatic self-threading machines that are worth looking into. You can read more about how they work and if they are worth the investing at sewingmachinesguru.com or a similar site.