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OK, so this 5th grader thinks I stole 25 cents from him (I know you just spit-taked your soda reading that), which i didn’t do. We go far back on that issue, about a year, and every time I run into this kid at this elementary school (which is also our local park) he and his friends act like the biggest jackasses on the planet.. So at this school I mentioned there was a Christmas dance party with all the kids on island (I live in Hawaii) and I decided to take 6 of my little cousins (ages 7, 8, 9, and 10, plus me being 15) from off-island with me. I ran into the jackasses and that whole night they acted like dicks to me and my cousins (who didn't even do anything), teasing us/swearing at us, trying to kick us out of places, etc. We got so fed up one of my cousins went to the basketball court where they were playing football (only because it has lights) and shut off the lights so they'd crash into each other (one of 'em even got hit in the face with a football, AND we got away with it too). My cousins said if they come back they wanna ship airsoft guns over and ambush the kid's house (I kinda wanna do that too, I know where he lives). I really wanna stop all this fighting and make peace with the jackasses. More importantly I want them to stop complaining about something I DID NOT FUCKING DO!

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    something gone wrong · 2 months ago

    find a quarter and coat it with fentanyl ship it to him and when he dies do the same to his friends