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    Google play music unable to upload songs how to fix this issue

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Google play is a music application which we can use to play online music.For accessing Google play service ,you need to create account on it.After that you may download or upload any music on Google play.But still there might be possibility when it is unable to upload songs.

We are describing some steps to fix when google play music unable to upload songs,you need to follow given below steps:

  • Initially you will have to check the track ,there should not be any duplicates between tracks ,if any track finds duplicate then all the songs will be deleted from Google play.
    You need to check the storage in your system .If there is no storage in your device then downloaded songs will not show on your phone ,it will show on the web player which will not uploaded by the Google play.
    Sometimes because of wrong format ,some songs does not play by Google play.So you need to check the correct format before uploading nay song on Google play.
    You are required to check the library file ,there is a limit of Uploading song on library file that is maximum 50000.If there is no space in your library file then you need to delete some tracks.
    You are required to clear and cache memory from your device.
    If you are using same account then you can play two app at the same time ,otherwise no app will play.
    If you are getting any issue then you are required to uninstall google play and again you will to install on your device.
    You need to sign out your account and again add your account with Google play.

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