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    Get some pocket money by deceiving affiliates

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Hi Guys!

In the following I'll show you how you can easily earn some pocket money without much effort.

First step:

Sign up on: http://affiliates.crakrevenue.com/registration?r=5...

Second step:

Create a freemail account. Setting up an AutoFill function could be useful, 'cause you're gonna create a lot of Freemail Accounts. But don't use common Trashmail Providers, that's too conspicuous. If they figure it out you get banned.

Third step:

Open your Smartlink from Crakrevenue and register on the appearing page.

Now you should have earned about 1 - 3 $ :)

Repeat these steps and make some pocket money. You probably should use different IP adresses. ZenMate is very suitable for this purpose.

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