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    Do you want to know ‘why is Gmail not working’

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Gmail offers ample of features so that users can access the email in a full-fledged manner. More or less, Gmail succeeded in the same because a large group of the population has joined the Gmail community and everyone is admiring the excellent features of the same.

Despite having the remarkable features, some users are not happy and they reported few issues and one of such is the “Gmail not working”. Although the issue is not big, but to fix the same, users need to perform multiple tasks and to minimize the effort, useful steps have been listed below.

Why is Gmail not working?

Gmail is developed to perform in supported browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. However, if you are using any such, then make sure the browser is up to date.

Extensions and Add-ons also create a hurdle for the Gmail.

Cookies and Caches store the data of the visited website and as result; it slows down the performance of the Gmail.

These are the few causes of the above-said issues and it’s time to fix the issue.

How to fix Gmail not working issues?

Clear the cookies and caches and for the same, launch Google Chrome and click on the menu icon to select ‘More tools’. From the drop-down page of ‘more tools’ select ‘Clear browsing data’. Then, you will find a new window; select the options, clear browsing history, cookies and caches, auto-fill password and significantly more. After that, select the time duration and finally click ‘Clear data’

Remove the Extensions; for the same, launch Google Chrome and click on the menu icon to select ‘More tools’. Here, you will find the list of options, move to the Extension section. Now, select the extensions and click Delete.

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