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    A man who chased experiences his entire life. · 1 year ago

    My wife saw this question and just started laughing...I'm the King of Hobbies, I think. Flying is a hobby as well as a career for me, I began flying at about 8 years old. I'm a retired Air Force and Airline pilot, but unlike most I have maintained my instructor certification (CFI, CFII, MEI, CFI-G, CFI-H,) for the last 32 years, just because I love to teach. I have been competing in aerobatics for about 30 years as well. I hold a D skydiving license, and teach AFF and Tandem. I fly gliders for fun, and teach in them, as well as helicopters

    I own a very impressive firearm collection, I can't take credit for most of it as my father left me the majority, which was the second largest private collection in Texas when he passed in 1987. I have a 2000 yd shooting range here on the ranch, and reload ammo and compete in 1000 yd shooting competitions as well as cowboy action shooting. I was a police armorer and gunsmith for years, these days I build guns as a hobby, and fix friends broken weapons.

    I've been a martial arts student since the early 70's, and a Krav Maga student and then instructor since 1984.

    I play guitar, almost exclusively hard rock and early metal, 1970-1992, more or less. I am a huge Gibson fan, and collect guitars. I own 64 at the moment, most are Gibson or Gibson shapes, but a little bit of everything has snaked its way in, if it played well.

    I own a hot rod shop I opened after I retired, specializing in high performance restomods and classic Italian supercars. We are not licensed by Ferrari, Lambo, etc, as they are ridiculous, so we primarily work on older cars, although we are well known and get more and more newer models. I own a car collection, 16 so far, so I'm not Jay Leno, but I'm working on it. I have a Countach that I highly modified, different engine and custom built tranny, 1100 hp, all new suspension, backup camera with large screen- anyone who has driven one will understand THAT, leather interior, Vintage Air a/c system, Stereo/Nav system, 6 speed manual (TKO T-56) with an aluminum block 427 smallblock. I also own a 2012 Audi R8 which is the only one I bought new.

    I collect knives, I hunt, I fish, I love to play pool and darts, I have a half dozen drones,as well as various nitromethane RC cars and trucks, plus airplanes and helicopters.

    There's more, but...you get the idea. I'm nuts.








    A painfully old picture from our ranch- did I mention falconry?




    Even though they paid me, these were more fun than work, so they could be considered hobbies...


    I was lucky enough to get to fly the F-15C as well as the F-5E II with the 65th AGRS out of Nellis AFB. It sure felt like a hobby.

    Any questions?

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      man! your guitars and the falcon looks amazing. are you the man who caught it? if so you are too. i have an eye on your les pauls.. keep headbanging \m/

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      wohooo i have never saw a person hobbyfull that much!

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    No title · 1 year ago

    I have 3 weird hobbies.

    1. Paper airplanes:
      I have a huge collection of flyable paper airplanes. I fold an airplane everyday.
    2. Speedcubing:
      Not very weird but I like solving rubik's cubes every now and then, just solve and scramble x100.
    3. Balisongs:
      This one is new. I have a 7$ balisong and I try to pull out combos and stuff when I'm bored, really helps me have fun.
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    Egoistic Muffin
    No title · 1 year ago

    baking muffins and chuckin them out to bin

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    No title · 1 year ago

    Downloading and collecting metal music albums and diggin Encyclopedia Metallum for the new gems