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    Check Fuel Price in india

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Government of India announced that from 16th of June onward Fuel price will be updating daily. Earlier fuel price changes were made at-least twice a month. The notion of updating fuel price daily is a big deal as it will remove the big leap in rates.

My friends and I understood that a large majority of people keep track of fuel prices .

Lets apply the same scenario on Industrialists who owns multiple vehicles. They could save a lot of money in those cases!!

This was the whole start.

People used to view fuel prices if it comes on first page of news and thus make these critical decisions to fuel up tank today or day after that. There are other people who keep track of IOC, BPCL, HP

We have created an application for our indian friends so that they can be updated with latest fuel prices.

You can download it from playstore ( PetroBuddy - Fuel Price App)


Why PetroBuddy: Fuel Price app is speacial

•Auto Detect your location

•Just right amount to information

• Ad free application

• Update fuel price fast

•light Application

• Simple UI


•Select your city to get lastest updated price

•You can check the price of any city around the india by just one app PetroBuddy: Fuel Price App


We are getting very good feedbacks from our users. Without there support we can not succeed

No more talking,Check out PetroBuddy : Fuel Price App (Play Store link) or search PetroBuddy : Fuel Price App on Playstore.

It would be great to hear your feedback on this app and probably tons of suggestions in comments below.

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