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    Cheapest Cloud Server

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F(x) Data Cloud is the Asia's first company based on OpenStack to provides the Public Cloud Services at the cheapest price.

The Cloud Server plans are starting at just $1.99/Month with 99.95% Uptime. Servers are provide with custom SSD Storage and multiple option for OS and DBMS with Backup and Replication feature. Heavy traffic is easily handled with the Scale Up and Scale Out feature.

The Cloud Service offered are:

1) Infrastructure as a Service
2) Database as a Service
3) Block Storage as a Service
4) Object Storage as a Service
5) Network as a Service
6) Backup as a Service

For any queries, Visit: https://fxdata.cloud

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    I use www.digitalocean.com from last 1 year. I am very satisfy with its services and supports. Can you please give me 3 reasons why should I migrate to www.fxdata.cloud?