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The ancient Egyptians wore Jasper scarabs as amulets, as this stone was believed to increase sexual energy. According to the Bible, it was a direct gift from God and would be the first foundation stone of the New Jerusalem. Also, both Indians in Asia as well as Native Americans see it as a magical rain stone and also a powerful healing stone.

It is an opaque and fine grained variety, composed mostly of Chalcedony, microcrystalline Quartz, in association with other minerals, which is what give it those colorful bands and patterns. It is found in almost all colors. Found worldwide, a wide variety of named Jaspers is found in the western areas of the Unites States; California, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, and Washington.

Legend says that Jasper was used to drive away evil spirits and protect the bearer against snake and spider bites. In the fourth century, it was thought to bring about the rain when directed correctly. Traditionally, when worn as a decorative necklace, Jasper is known to combat exhaustion and fatigue. Aligning all the chakras and balancing the yin/yang energies, it is stabilizing and healing as well as grounding.

Jaspers of all kinds have long been attributed magical powers in just about every culture known to man.

When laid on therapeutically, red version of this stone stimulates sexuality and fertility. Red-brown is particularly beneficial in the treatment of liver, spleen and pancreas issues.

Drinking an elixir of water one hour before each meal is said to promote weight loss (to create an elixir water, place the stone each night into a glass of water and cover, by morning it will be ready).

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