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Oracle Identity Management is a part of the Oracle Fusion Middleware family of products, which brings greater agility, enhanced decision-making, and decreased cost and risk to miscellaneous IT environments today. – Oracle IDM Online Training

Oracle Identity Management (IDM) does life cycle management of an identity like user, employee, etc. OIM server is a J2EE application. User provisioning is done in OIM. The OIM incorporate this with all the other applications. Let’s see an example of an employee joining a Company. His/her needs right to use different applications in the company. The HR normally creates the employee in HRMS on the joining date. The manager raises a variety of user ids creations for this new employee for email, timesheet app, crm, leave mgmt app etc. With OIM this stipulations can be done automatically or manually at single point.OIM supplies a integrated access control for all the applications in the company. If the employee quits, the manager need only to log onto OIM and delete (soft/hard) the employee from various applications.OIM incorporates with other application using SOA suite with relevant JCA adapters.

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