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183 million monthly visitors make Amazon.com the largest e-commerce website in the U.S. and its affiliate program largest. With up to 10% commission for sales of Amazon, products make it a sustainable, dependable and healthy revenue streams for thousands large networks, content sites or bloggers, and affiliate e-commerce websites.

And if you’re one such person and using Magento 2, then this highly affordable extension could be your best shot to join the Amazon affiliate program, advertise their products on your Magento 2 websites and win some handsome commission.

What is Amazon Affiliate Program Extension?

Since, online selling involves several operations, like if you want to showcase Amazon’s products on your store, fetching of product-critical data – description and image – is required; similarly, when end-customer adds products, the redirection of purchase journey towards the ‘add-to-cart page and then the payment gateway, remains critical operations.

Read Amazon.com’s Associate Program Policies here.

Since people with varied interests – lifestyle bloggers, tech bloggers, home and appliance experts – and all are associated with Amazon’s Associate program, they educate and advocate different range of products.

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