Owner and manager of OfflineOnline LLC
    I am Ndayishimiye Boaz (25 years old). I am proud of offering you this powerful information to help you build your online business from the right foundation until you scale it.As you can see, Amazon is the best business model compared to all others you can ever be in and this is what I am going to help you with. I say that because each and every business has its own ups and downs, but Amazon's FBA program is very special especially when you know what you are doing and now you will since you will be with me.I have been selling on Amazon since the end of 2016 and now I am going to share with you what I know about it. Other things that I love are: Affiliate marketing, offline marketing, but I highly recommend you to start your business on Amazon and there are endless ways you can do a business with Amazon but not limited to: 1. Mech by Amazon, 2. Amazon's FBA 9Fulfilled by Amazon) program, And much much more...